QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working, What is Next?

QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working- What is Next-Pro Accountant Advisor

What is QuickBooks File Doctor

The demands of the industry have taken a great leap with advancement in the technology. This advancement has caused various updations in accounting process as well. Thus, for an organization, it is essential to use accounting software in order to bring accurate and quick results. Used by small as well as medium sized businesses, QuickBooks is a widely used and popular software that has many features like payroll, accounting, restoring and many more. But it is prone to many errors and this kind of errors can be easily cope up with QuickBooks file doctor. This file doctor helps to heal and repair the damages that happen to QuickBooks and its company file.


The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool can help you if:

You can’t open your company file and get one of the following error messages: –


QuickBooks file doctor is an application that is offered in integration with QuickBooks. Taking care of all the data repairs, this doctor diagnoses files and repairs all the issues that your system is facing. This is a very useful application but the disaster is on its way if your QuickBooks file doctor is also not working.


Steps to Fix QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working Error

Considering the application looks after QuickBooks errors, it can be a life saver in many situations. Just what would an user do if the file doctor application itself stops functioning? Think of a situation where your QuickBooks file is dealing with errors, you try to introduce QuickBooks file doctor however it does not start. Just how should you tackle such a circumstance? In that case, there are few steps as given below.


Manually launch QuickBooks file doctor : This can be done by following the steps below

  1. Launch QuickBooks file doctor and wait until the screen shows a pop-up of ‘No Company Open
  1. Then go to Files> Utilities> Click on Repair File and Network Problems. This will lead to the opening of a dialog box.
  1. Click OK. After this, the application is started by QuickBooks file doctor with the rights of an administrator. In the dialog box, click on Yes.
  1. There will be a wrench icon to open the QuickBooks file doctor application. Click on Continue.
  1. Enter your credentials and log into your file. This will start the QuickBooks file doctor to work on repairing your file.
  1. Choose ‘File Diagnosis Only’ from the option of Advanced Settings.
  1. Click on Next.
  1. Once the system prompts, open the file and check if any issue still persists.


Error of ‘File Doctor Not Working Appears’

If your application is hanging due to some repair procedure, then QB file doctor may stop. This stoppage depends on the size of your and its location. This simply indicates that the file has been corrupted and to resolve this error, we need to fix the QBW file.


Error of File Doctor Not Working


Steps to Resolve the Error

  1. Restore all the backup of the damaged file: This will help you replace the damaged file with the one that has backup.
    • Launch QuickBooks, go to File and click on Open or Restore Company.
    • Go to File menu, and choose Open or Restore Company
    • Click on Next.
    • Restore a backup copy
    • Now click on Local Backup and then, click on Next.
    • Choose the Local Backup
    • In the ‘Look In’ drop-down menu box, go to the location of backup file.
    • select the location of the backup file where you want to save it
    • Choose the backup file with .QBB extension and then click Open.
    • select the backup file from folder and give it a name
    • After this, click on Next.
    • select the location of the backup file where you want to save it
    • There will be a Save In drop down menu, in that, go to the place where you want to restore the file.
    • Save a type field automatically populates QuickBooks Files
    • Then save the file with the name as desired. It will automatically take as *.QBW
    • Restoring QuickBooks Files


In case you find that the above method does not work, then you can switch to the next option:


  1. Auto Data Recovery Option: As soon as your file is created, QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery (ADR) will start examining and analyzing your file. Once ADR is ensured that the file has no errors, it will save a copy as a backup in ADR folder. And this will continue. After every 12 hours, ADR will take a backup of your file.


These backup files will help QuickBooks Data Recovery Support team to restore your files. For this, you can reach our QuickBooks Help Number at 1(800) 880 6389.


Few Common File Doctor Error Messages

You May See One of the Error Message on Your Computer Screen When QuickBooks File Doctor Not Works for you or shows errors.


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Tips & Tricks to keep your QuickBooks data and program safe while the QuickBooks file doctor isn’t working or hanging up periodically. As we all know that the prevention is better than cure. Above given all the procedure is quite easy to understand!


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