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When it comes to safe and quick accounting, QuickBooks is the solution. It has become evident over years that there is a high need to keep up with the trends and the faster corporate world, and thus, QuickBooks Software has been considered the widely used software. From simple calculations to complex algorithms, the QuickBooks Software has it all. But it does get prone to errors sometimes and the common one is QuickBooks Error Code 193 which creates trouble for the user.


Causes Behind the QuickBooks Error 193

QuickBooks Error 193 solution can only be discovered once you know the reason behind it. When this error occurs, your system receives a pop up message- ‘Error- 193 Primary key for dept keywords is not unique’. This pup up appears every time you try to send a mailbag from headquarters to remote store. The error can occur because of the following reasons:

  • A duplicate department names/codes are present
  • Corrupt or damaged .qbt files
  • Merging or deleting the customer names


Troubleshooting for Store Exchange Errors (193, 175305, 175411 and 175414)

Follow the given steps instructed below in order to fix these error codes. If you have any problems while following the instruction, our technical support for QuickBooks Error Codes is always available to assist you.


Solution 1:

Step 1: Focusing on the Remote Store, these steps send a mailbag to headquarters and receive the same

  • First of all, go to Customer > Customer List
  • Now, choose the names and delete them (if you wish to choose more than one customer, then you can click on first one with Shift key pressed and click on the last name.


Solution 2:

  • Go to Point of Sale
  • Click on Help > Software Updates > Check for Updates
  • Now, retry the storage exchange


Solution 3:

This solution focuses on deleting the .qbt files in both the Headquarters and Remote store. Now create a new remote .qbt file.


✔ Step 1: Delete the .qbt files at Headquarters

  • You can do the same by following the path on your Windows OS: C:/Program Data/ Intuit/ QuickBooks Point of Sale x.x / STex
  • Check all the folders and if you find any .qbt files there, then delete them.


✔ Step 2: At the Remote Store:

  • Type .qbt in the search box
  • Delete the .qbt files which you find in result
  • Now, close the windows and also empty the recycle bin.


✔ Step 3: Create a new remote file

  • Choose Files > Company Operations > Create New Company
  • Type Company Name> Choose Remote Store> Fill the store number
  • Resend the mailbag from Headquarters to Remote Store


The above given three solutions will help in resolving the QuickBooks Error Code 193. If you are facing any difficulty while following these steps, in this process, you can contact our QuickBooks Point of Sale Support Helpline and get in touch with the experts of our QuickBooks technical Support team. Our dedicated helpline number is 1(800)880-6389.



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QuickBooks Error Code 193 – Easiest Troubleshooting Steps

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